My name is Ashley DeVrieze and I'm an artist living in Omaha, Nebraska. I grew up in Illinois and spent several years in Wisconsin before landing here, so I'm definitely a Midwestern heart.

When not painting, I'm hanging out with my husband, my two boys, Ren and Miles, and our pup, Ripley. I love hiking, discovering new music, and wandering through thrift stores and artsy shops. You might have noticed that I have a deep love for the outdoors - particularly places with lots of water, lush green, and pine trees. Any chance to head into the wild with family is a good one.

My Work

I use a mix of materials, but mostly watercolor, ink, and acrylic paints. I like to render anything - illustrations of our pets and other characters, botanical and nature studies, or abstract explorations of shapes and light.  I enjoy painting on different surfaces and exploring new projects to stay excited about my work.

Most of what you'll find here are original pieces inspired by the outdoors. Creating fulfills me and allows me capture the feelings I have about specific places and objects. I love that I can share those same feelings with others. 

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